A guide to Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing ?



Digital marketing is a very dynamic and rapidly changing
field. Every now and then, new technologies come into existence and create a
rapid and continuous evolution in the way digital marketing is performed. In
the digital marketing industry, there is a wide spectrum of marketing methods
that have become very popular and are taken up by most of the companies.



Marketing is no longer limited to visual advertisements,
long emails, and billboards. Now the way you have to advertise to your
customers has radically changed. Now it’s just about how fast and how many
different ways you can send your messages to your customers. Digital marketing
has come up with many advanced methods to connect with your customers to keep
them hooked to your brand.


Digital Marketing Example: Twitter

There are many clients who are now afraid of having the same
old posters with them everytime they visit a tourist spot. If they want to
attract more attention, they can connect with those people who frequent those
places every day and can act as their perfect advertising channel.


Similarly, it is very easy to search for tourist spots
online and start searching for tourist spots near me. On the basis of your
location, you will get specific recommendations about the best tourist spot
near your city. You will be able to find a wide range of different spots and
can choose the best ones to visit during your next vacation.

 Most of the modern digital marketing industry requires
constant maintenance and innovation. Even if a tool is used for its maximum
benefit, some new ways to use it are always coming up. Therefore, the online
marketers always have to be on the lookout for new tools and trends.


Digital Marketing Example: Google Trends


Once Google acquired Tracxn, a service that allowed
businesses to monitor the current search queries related to their product or
service in Google and Twitter, Google Trends emerged as the next best thing in
the world of search engines. It was basically a web service that showed the
current level of search queries related to a particular keyword.


One of the most popular tools that is used by almost every
major online marketing firm in the world is Google Analytics. It is basically
an online system that collects the data related to your website, allows you to
analyze it, and presents you with an information related to your website and
its performance. You can find a wide range of different tools which are widely
used by most of the digital marketing professionals.

No digital marketing expert will allow you to get stuck in
one and only one area of digital marketing. Now a days, most of the online
marketing firms focus more on social media marketing. There are plenty of free
tools available on the internet for analyzing social media marketing and making
digital marketing strategies. These tools are very easy to use and you can
choose whichever tools that suits your needs.


Digital marketing example: Facebook  , Instagram


When you think about digital marketing, you will find social
media marketing as one of the major factors that are given a lot of focus in
most of the big digital marketing firms.


Many of the huge social media marketing industry. What is
social media marketing industry. In today’s age, people interact with people
using social media platforms. Therefore, the social media managers make use of
social media to attract attention from the people and gain their interest.
Social media is also one of the biggest sources for publicity and growth of a


People are using social media platforms for more than just
social media marketing. It is a powerful tool that can act as a strong source
for getting mass advertisement. It can increase the chances of success for your
company or brand. All you need to do is to get the customers to interact with
your social media content. Once that happens, the social media manager needs to
promote this content to other social media users in an effective manner.


Social media marketing is also very important in digital
marketing. If you are looking to add more features to your digital marketing
strategy, then social media marketing is definitely the best solution.


Social Media Marketing Example: Influencer Marketing

 Another key element in digital marketing is Influencer
Marketing. Influencer marketing is the branch of social media marketing that
uses the power of the influencers. Influencers are highly influential and it is
not hard to understand why. Influencer marketing is used as a form of social
media marketing to get the attention of people. Many of the consumers are
attracted to the word of a popular or a famous person. Therefore, if you want
to increase the chances of success for your brand, it is very important to get
the attention of the most influential person out there. Influencer marketing is
a great strategy to use when you are looking to achieve growth and success.


Most of the digital marketing companies out there include
influencer marketing as part of their social media marketing strategies. The
influencers are influential people that the general public has great interest
in. These people can promote your business and help it to grow.


Digital Marketing Example: Paid Traffic

 Paid Traffic is a term which is widely used in digital
marketing. It is an excellent strategy for increasing the conversion rate of
the web pages. Many digital marketers make use of the paid traffic strategy in
their marketing campaigns. Paid traffic is a free strategy that you can use to
increase the traffic to your website.


You can use any tool that is available on the internet to
run your paid traffic campaign.


The Traffic Traffic is the biggest and most important factor
of success of digital marketing. The traffic is something which can increase
your chances of success of your brand and it can help you to achieve growth and


The amount of traffic will depend on a lot of factors such
as the content you are creating, the layout and the layout your online
marketing strategies. You will be able to get a lot of traffic if you are
creating amazing content and creating traffic to your website.


Digital marketing example: Paid List Building


Another powerful method that a lot of digital marketers make
use of is Paid List Building. It is a strategy that uses paid social media
promotion to build your list. List building can be an expensive strategy that
many companies fail to consider. A lot of companies think that it is not worth
the money and time. But, for many digital marketing companies, it is a very
useful strategy.


You can gain the attention of people for your business by
giving them a compelling value in return for them joining your list. The value
will vary for different type of people. For instance, for a blog list, you can
give them the entry into the list. For an email list, you can give them a great
discount on the products and services that you are offering. You can also give
them extra points or extra benefits for them joining your list.


Every day, millions of people are online. So, it is not hard
to get thousands of people to join your list.


Digital marketing examples: Responsive Design


Responsive design is a strategy which is used to make your
website appear in a different way depending on which device they are viewing
your site. The devices that are being used is very important because this is
the part that will drive a lot of traffic.


For example, if the website is being viewed on a laptop and
the browser on the laptop is Internet Explorer, then the browser on the laptop
will view the website differently than if the website is being viewed on a
mobile phone or a tablet. Therefore, if the websites is not built in a way that
the different devices can be viewed, then a lot of people will not be able to
see your content.


Digital marketing example: eCommerce


E-commerce is a broad term which refers to the type of
shopping activity that can be conducted online through different types of
online platforms. It includes things like, online auctions, instant-payment,
peer-to-peer transactions, credit card transactions, online payment services
and online shops.


An e-commerce website helps to make online purchases. It
helps the people to buy products through the website.


There are a number of features that an e-commerce website
has to make it successful. The first thing is, the website must offer easy
access to the products, the availability of navigation tools and the ability to
sort the products. Also, it must make payments and order delivery very easy.


There are a lot of things that you have to consider when you
are building an e-commerce website. You should think about the location of your
site, the type of services that you are offering and the costs of your website.
You can use different tools and strategies to improve your e-commerce site.

Some of the best tools and strategies that can be used to
improve your e-commerce website are:


Ecommerce Cloud Platforms

 ABR (Accountable Product Return)

 The Japanese digital marketing strategy


In Japan, there are a lot of digital marketing strategies
that you can employ. The most popular of these strategies is the part of
digital marketing that involves real-time content marketing. This is a part of
digital marketing that is based on the concept of rapid growth. A lot of
digital marketers make use of content marketing to make more traffic to their
website. The type of content that they create has an online audience. So, the
companies are targeting people who visit their websites.


Some of the best digital marketing strategies that are being
used by the Japanese digital marketers are:

  • Real-time communication
  • Sending emails to target audience
  • Offering subscriptions to specific audience
  • Blogging, blog commenting, infographic creation