Call Tracking Marketing


What is call tracking


Call Tracking marketing
is the advertising that occurs when you call a company and get a call back from
an advertising agency or even by their website. This is called Call Tracking
marketing which is why it is so important to ensure that your advertising
doesn’t trigger calls  one more aspect.


 How do I remove call tracking marketing from my

 You can remove call
tracking marketing from your the methods in this article. You can also try the
Ad Ergo service by Google to remove call tracking .This method of placing ads
for your small business and being forced to deal with unwanted sales calls, is
due to the usage of AdWords. The system allows businesses to reach millions of
people who are searching on Google for different products and services and to
make a sale. AdWords lets businesses try different ad campaigns and campaigns
are based on certain keywords. It is believed that Google is able to track
callers from businesses to see who is most likely to click on ads, and then
when that same customer calls back from that page, Google knows they were more
likely to make the call and a conversion was a reality. Unfortunately, when
that same call is from a service provider the customer expects to get in contact
with, the call goes directly to sales. One way around this is to ensure you do
not target the keywords you did for your previous campaign and use a different
ad type for your campaign. Another way is to ensure that you only ever have one
call to sales campaign active at one time and this requires you to restrict the
ad group until your campaign is complete. Finally, you can add additional ads
to a campaign, when it is complete, to avoid the problem and to ensure that you
can only get in contact with potential buyers.


What if you’re forced to
use AdWords for business purposes?

 AdWords is free to use and there are ways around
having to use the advertising system or your business if you need to use it. If
you have a business website, there are plenty of tools that you can use to
create ads that will hide the fact that you are using AdWords and this is what
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