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Apex provides hosting solutions to websites from companies, small business, and medium-sized businesses. Apex works with clients around the globe, all of which may be home-based or distributed. 


 All plans include fast CDN service, data backup, SSL, and free domain. Visit their website today to learn more. It’s easy to use their Self-Hosted WordPress Directory, as you simply enter the URL of your website and it will show your available directories.  

You can also search for directories that include your website’s URL, submit your own, or browse one already. Choosing the right FTP or FTP Server FTP or FTP servers are essential if you intend on maintaining and hosting many websites.  

To do this, you will need to choose one that is fast, secure, and reliable. They are also easy to set up and connect to your server.  

As mentioned before, they are the backbone of many sites, so they need to be robust. WordPress provides tutorials for setting up a WordPress FTP server.  

It can take a while to set up as it involves changing the default options, but once you do it, it’s very simple to configure. It’s not required to have an FTP service when you are using WordPress, but it will allow you to manage other sites you host, such as affiliate blogs or forums. WordPress allows you to use a traditional FTP client, like Filezilla, or use a software such as FTP Lite or Server Fax. With either one, you can simply upload and view files and folders as you would from the browser. Server Files and Mail Server Once you have installed your CMS or hosted your website, you may need to host your files, such as image galleries or other media. An important option you will need to setup is a FTP server, as this will allow you to send files to your website.  


WordPress ” offers a basic or managed FTP account. The basic account is free for one website, while the managed account is $15 a month. If you want to host many websites, you will probably want to upgrade to the managed account, which offers many additional features, such as the ability to define rules for FTP permissions. You can also set up a mail server using a traditional POP3 or SMTP account. The SFA Enterprise Mail Server is designed to integrate with a free WordPress install. It is an email management system that also integrates with the website. This system allows you to create a mailing list or use it as your central repository for your emails. This makes it easy to create and manage mailing lists and send newsletter. If you wish to use the FTP Client to upload and view files, then you can choose either WP-FTP or Pingdom. Pingdom uses an FTP client on the client while WP-FTP uses the built-in file transfer functions of WordPress. These are both free, fast, and secure. WordPress Free Website Hosting WordPress uses a different approach when it comes to offering free website hosting. Instead of charging for individual features, they offer themes, plugins, and hosting for free.  


This frees up funds for other uses. If you want to get started, then there are a few WordPress web hosting providers who offer WordPress free hosting. These providers offer a website builder and you can use these features free of charge. These providers do not offer other premium WordPress features, such as hosting. We recommend that you start by looking at the website of your preferred provider to see if they offer free WordPress hosting. You can also research if the provider can offer these other features. In the following sections, we provide you with links to these free WordPress hosting providers. HostGator If you like the design of HostGator’s website, you will love the service it offers its customers. They offer a range of templates for your business website. You can also personalize them to match your brand. You can create your own website or use one of HostGator’s templates. You can choose from hundreds of themes, which can be tweaked to the best effect.



If you want a more simplistic look, you can choose one of HostGator’s free templates. HostGator also offers pre-built content management systems (CMS) in its features. These include a WordPress-based system, which is simple to set up and will save you from trying to configure a website from scratch. The software also allows you to host it on any server. Alternatively, you can choose their managed WordPress service, which provides hosting and also allows you to have control over the software. In addition to this, HostGator also offers a content management system with built-in SEO and social media features. The product can be customized to meet your needs. HostGator offers its free WordPress hosting with 99.9% uptime.  

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Tatahelps As the name suggests, Tatahelps is an Indian company and, if you live in India, you can register for a free e-mail address with them. There is a separate and paid business service, which allows you to have a dedicated email address. They offer a variety of products, including WordPress hosting. You can host your site with either the free service or the paid one. However, we recommend that you start with the free service. ZenHub ZenHub is a provider of managed WordPress hosting in the UK. ZenHub offers a free plan for beginners and novices. It is designed to offer a secure and reliable service for the first few months. 

 It offers a speedy, secure, responsive and scalable web hosting. The service is based on WordPress, so it will integrate with your WordPress site. The main features of this free plan include automatic malware protection, 24/7 customer support, 100% Uptime guarantee and a two-factor authentication for increased security. You get a free domain name and a WordPress-based website. There are no limits to your bandwidth or storage. In addition, ZenHub offers a paid service. This offers a full range of features. These include themes, premium themes, premium support and more. Favor Favor offers free WordPress hosting. This means that all the premium features of the hosting are included. You get website builder, 24/7 customer support, free domain name, 30-day money.